”Tourist, Rincewind had decided, meant ‘idiot'”

”He could even -and unlike many heroes of Rincewind’s acquaintance- speak words of more than two syllables, if given time and maybe a hint or two.”

”I expect in a minute the door will be flung back and I’ll be dragged off to some sort of temple arena where I’ll fight maybe a couple of giant spiders and an eight-foot slave from the jungles of Klatch and then I’ll rescue some kind of a princess from the altar and then kill off a few guards or whatever and then this girl will show me the secret passage out of the place and we’ll liberate a couple of horses and escape with the treasure.”

Terry Pratchett – The colour of magic. Hysteriskt bra och hysteriskt rolig!
Förresten så är den åttonde färgen i regnbågen ”some kind of greenish-purple”.



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